Reflection on SROP

This summer has been such an unforgettable experience. 

When I first interviewed for the program I was so excited and eager to do it all. I wanted to write a manuscript on in existing dataset of undocumented student’s experience. Soon I realized that was impossible to do in 8 weeks. I still had to code and analyze my data. As a result I had to minimize my project aim to creating a codebook instead so it could help me analyze my data later. I added two additional coders to help me create the codebook. We successfully finished the codebook with 40 emerging themes/codes. It did not end up being the best end outcome since I wanted to have part of my manuscript done by the end of this summer. However, I made progress.  

Thus, my biggest challenge was not having results. Usually when I present a poster I have concrete results. The results that I will present will be the themes we found in the interview sessions. Another challenge was working with two additional people. Since I started my project I have worked only with my faculty mentor. When I added two additional coders to my project to reduce bias, it was a little difficult. It was a new role/ situation for me. I had never been in a leadership position related to research. It was challenging in the sense that I did not know how to handle that much responsibility. I got through it and it was a great experience.

My greatest accomplishment was experiencing this new leadership position with my coders. When I go to graduate school I am probably going to have this type of leadership relationship with undergraduate students, so this this experience will help for then. Another accomplishment was doing an oral presentation instead of only doing a poster presentation. I have never done an oral presentation related to research. I am excited to present!! I am feeling good about presenting tomorrow at the symposium. 

I am definitely continuing this project beyond SROP. I am going to start coding my interviews and start analyzing the data very soon (next week). Also, I am hoping my abstract gets accepted to a psychology conference that will be next year!

I would like to thank my faculty mentor Dr. Laura Pittman, and the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning for making thus summer a great learning experience!! Thanks a lot!


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