Dreams of the future

Since I entered college in 2010, I have been preparing to be the best candidate to apply for graduate school. My biggest dream is to get accepted to a Ph.D. program in the west coast. My plan is to apply for graduate school this semester, and hopefully get admitted and start in Fall 2015. I am still indecisive of what specific program within the field of psychology I would like to apply for, but I am in the process of figuring that out.  My ultimate goals is to become a professor, but also become a clinician. As a professor I want to research on the mental health of underrepresented communities. As a clinician I wish I could apply the findings form my studies through therapy. However I know it is hard to do both, so I think It would be more powerful to continue researching and aid mental health professional with empirical data.

As a result, I want to continue working on my research skills, so I could get into a competitive graduate program. Hopefully next time you hear from me, I will be saying I got admitted to a Ph.D. program!!


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