Almost done!! : )

As the program comes to an end, it feels bitter sweet. I am so excited to present my research in a couple of days, but I am also relieved it will be over. Research is my passion but it could be quite stressful!! This week I only have a couple of things to do before I am ready to present. I have to polish my oral presentation and present to my faculty mentor and my peers to see what I need to clarify/fix. Plus I need to do LOTS of practicing.

For my oral presentation I will have background information on the hardships undocumented students undergo, and how their process of acculturation and psychological well-being is influenced by their status. There needs to be more research done on undocumented college student, since most of the research has been on the broader undocumented community. Thus, my study focuses on how my project will help contribute to the literature on undocumented students. I will also present on common themes that emerged from the interviews and will have some cool quotes. Below are some quotes:

“I tried to assimilate to the American culture.. otherwise they would kind of question where I am coming from..because I was afraid they would know that I was undocumented.”

” never be[ing] able to just to breathe… to always be hypo aware of all of my surroundings where police where. Where authority where, where my information was going.. what I was putting down, who I was talking to. I was in a constant state of danger, it was a constant state of targeted and that is not fun at all. I never got a chance to rest so that was incredibly draining”


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