The experience of research with the help of a faculty mentor

I have been working with Dr. Laura Pittman for over a year, and it has been a pleasure working with her. My research interest are very particular, thus it was hard looking for a faculty mentor that was a match. However, I knew I would receive great mentorship from her. Broadly her current research interest are related to diversity issues. More specifically she is interested in the role of grandparents and how it influences the development of children and adolescents. One project she is currently working examines three generations of Latinos (i.e., grandmother, mother, adolescent), where she will conduct different task to examine their interactions. She is also working on developing a research project on ethnic socialization, which will help us understand what/how parents transmit messages about their own ethnicity to their children. I was part of developing the beginning of this project during spring semester. She has given me a lot of opportunities to broadly develop my research skills.

Dr. Pittman has been a great supporter that has influenced my knowledge in research; throughout this summer she has really guided me in the right direction. I get too excited and want to do everything on my project, and she has been able to direct me on the right direction. She was also offered me a lot of opportunities where I can present my research. We are currently working on submitting an abstract to a child development conference. Hopefully it gets accepted!!!

Although Dr. Pittman’s area of expertise is not immigration and qualitative research methods, she has been a great supporter. She has thought me the foundations of research and enhanced my writing skills. So for my project I am doing a qualitative approach to it, and she has done a few projects similar. Thus she has been able to give the necessary resources to structure my project similar. I would not be where I am without her guidance.


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