The best of SROP

Being an SROP participant has been such a rewarding experience. Especially because of all the activities and workshops the program has set up for us. I really enjoyed the leadership academy presentation, and the responsible conduct of research workshop. They both taught me something new about research. We often think that research only pertains to conducting your research project and then writing up your results, but we forget other aspects of it. The leadership academy workshop helped me develop as a leader and researcher. For example I have two coders helping me develop my project, and this workshop helped me develop my leadership style when working with them. I think that this workshop helped me become a stronger and more supportive leader for the people I am working with during my research projects, and it will also help for future projects, especially for graduate school.

I also enjoyed the conduct of research workshop. I am sure everyone will come across a situation where you have to use your knwoledge on ethnics. There will be situations where you do not know what to do, and this workshop opened my eyes to many unethical situations that could happen and how to handle them. It was also an interactive workshop, which kept me awake, a VERY interested.

Thus far, I think I have developed my leadership skills as a researcher, skills that enhance my professional etiquette, and networking skills.  All the networking opportunities this program has offered us has lead me to be confident when interacting with faculty, administrators and potential employers. 

 Also, I have learned about new resources or projects coming up at NIU. President Baker and Vice president and provost Dr. Lisa Freeman invited me, to talk to about my research in a retreat for administrators at NIU. The other presenters/panelist spoke about projects that are helping NIU create Bold Futures. For example, one panelist talked about an initiative NIU is developing to understand the underrepresented community around NIU, where most of the community is undergoing high rates of violence and poverty. Also, there was another panelist talking about a peer advocate program in the English department that helps first year students with their writing skills. I learned a lot in this retreat. These resources will enhance my experience here at NIU, to make it a better experience.



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