Beginning of a great summer

As any new experience there is always difficulties, but there is also excitement to a new journey. That is my mindset while coming to SROP. I am excited to learn more about research, and being exposed to new minds and cultural backgrounds. It is especially exciting to have so many new and diverse students in all three programs. This week I have learned many new perspectives on how to approach research. I have really enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the students from the 3 programs during the workshops. Sometimes we unconsciously only interact with students that we often relate to and never interact with others, because we are scared of the unknown and uncertainty. This program really pushes you to open your circle of friends, colleagues, and network. It has been nice to interact with this diverse group.

Although it was refreshing to interact with other researchers, we also had to work hard and concentrate on our proposal. Although, I have worked on various research proposal, it never gets easier. It still gets complicated because it gets hard to explain your ideas/project in 6 pages. Thus, you really have to be direct and to the point since there is a page limit. It was also complicate because the goals of my project is structured differently. I am analyzing a previous dataset and preparing to write a manuscript. Thus I had to adjust some of the questions from the proposal to fit to my project. In general, I think the process of writing my proposal was not as difficult as I thought it would be. In addition, my proposal writing process was not as difficult because of the great workshops SROP has create for us. I did another summer research program last summer, and I was surprised that this program had more workshops on writing our proposal. The other program did not make us write a proposal, and did not give us advice on how to write one. I liked that SROP at Northern Illinois University makes us write one, so we can enhance our writing.

Thus, I am excited to see what SROP at NIU has offered for us. I hope they also do preparation for graduate school and how to write better in the research world. Can’t wait to see how much I will grow this summer. I am ready for research!!






One thought on “Beginning of a great summer

  1. Great first post, Lupe! Writing a proposal never gets easy. It’s one of those things where you figure out you don’t know enough, or in your case you know so much it’s hard for you to condense it all into such a short paper. I’m glad the workshops are helping you and NIU’s Summer Research opportunities Program is beating the competition.

    I’m very excited to see how your research turns out. Keep up the good work Lupe!

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